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Kroger Employee Sign In 🔑 HR Express

The Kroger trade network gives its employees the opportunity to view and print out payroll receipts, update personal data and much more after logging into their personal cabinet.

Kroger Employee Log in ess.kroger.com

  1. First you need to go to the official site ess.kroger.com. This portal is designed for Kroger employees only.
  2. On the portal you need to fill in only two fields:

    • Enterprise User ID (EUID). Your ID should look like IO12345, the letters are the first letters of your name and last name;
    • Important! The letters in your EUID can be either large or small, it does not matter.
    • Password. It can contain both large and small letters, make sure that Caps Lock on your keyboard is turned off for correct input.
  3. Kroger Employee Login
  4. After that you can check Remember my ID and press I AGREE if you want. Now you can view all the information you are interested in online.

Forgot of ID or Password

  1. If you forgot your password, click Password help. There will be two options available:

    • i log into other company systems with my EUID and password.
    • i do not use my EUID and password with other systems.
  2. If you do not know or have forgotten your ID, you can get it from your manager. You can find out more by clicking on User ID help next to the input field.

When the Kroger ESS does not work

If you have problems when you go to the site for the employees of ess.kroger.com, then:

  • this may be due to regular technical work that is carried out for the normal operation of the Hr Express Kroger. In this case, try to come back later;
  • if you still can't get in, call Kroger Support at 800-952-8889.
Kroger ESS does not work


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